Considering Doing a Short Sale, You Have Come to the Right Place!

Short Sales in Las Vegas have become a fact of life over the last couple of years and will be for a number of years to come.

Initially banks were slow to accept short sales transactions as a solution to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.  Plus, banks were only interested in homes when they reached foreclosure status.   Over the last 1-2 years, banks are now more interested in working with homeowners to sell homes as short-sales.  Why?  Because banks have crunched the numbers and discovered that it costs more money for a home to sit vacant, for property maintenance and upkeep, and for code violations enforced by Clark County and the City of Las Vegas.

At Tico Realty Group, we understand that the decision to sell as short sale is both an important and emotional decision.  This is why we have taken great lengths to give our readers a lot information about selling your home as a short sale.

Please call us to answer any of your questions about the short sale process.

Please click the links below to familiarize your information about selling your home as a short sale. 

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Georgette Willis
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